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A puzzle game for your mouse or finger! Swipe tiles to form crosses and beat the clock! · By Max Krieger


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CROSSNIQ+ Kickstarter is Now Live!
Thanks to all of your support, the Kickstarter for CROSSNIQ+ is now live! CROSSNIQ+ is a bigger, bette...
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CROSSNIQ+ Kickstarter Launch Date Announced!
Hi, everyone! Exciting news - the CROSSNIQ+ Kickstarter is going to be going live on February 5th, 2018! Because we're all gonna be working hard on the Kickstar...
New Year's Cleaning! Bugfix update live
Minor update pushed with several bugfixes! WebGL stack overflow error fixed. Credits now repeat indefinitely. "Hurry up" timer now displays numbers consistently...
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New Year's Tutorial Update!
Hey, everyone, and happy 2018! With the CROSSNIQ+ Kickstarter coming up later this month, we've got a whole lot to be excited about - so, we're kicking off the...
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CROSSNIQ 1.2 Released!
Hi, everyone! I'm proud to announce that CROSSNIQ 1.2, a patch introducing multi-row movement, is now live! A new "subselector" system allows you to select mult...
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CROSSNIQ 1.1 Released!
All versions have been updated! Changelog: -Default grid size is now 6 (smallest) instead of 8 -Tile selector now wraps around the screen while using gamepad -F...
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Mac and Linux Executables Now Available!
After a bit of testing, you can now download CROSSNIQ standalone executables for Mac and Linux! Controller support works on both new platforms. Stay tuned in th...
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Systems Breakdown - Swipe Movement Controls
Even when they try, humans don't swipe in straight lines. It's true! You'll realize it after about 5 seconds of prototyping any sort of swipe-based control syst...
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Hey Max! I love addictive puzzle games like this so I'm excited to dig in more once i'm off work. I've been thinking abo...
started by zhinse May 01, 2019
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I've crossed the niqs for a bit and there were a couple things I wanted to inform you (the developer, I mean) aboutttttt...
started by Notester82 Jan 14, 2018
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Hey! I like the visual design so far. Will feel great on mobile I think. Some notes from a few minutes of playing: Was t...
started by Chris Wade Aug 05, 2017
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