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CROSSNIQ community

A puzzle game for your mouse or finger! Swipe tiles to form crosses and beat the clock!

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New Year's Tutorial Update!
Hey, everyone, and happy 2018! With the CROSSNIQ+ Kickstarter coming up later this month, we've got a whole lot to be excited about - so, we're kicking off the...
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CROSSNIQ 1.2 Released!
Hi, everyone! I'm proud to announce that CROSSNIQ 1.2, a patch introducing multi-row movement, is now live! A new "subselector" system allows you to select mult...
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CROSSNIQ 1.1 Released!
All versions have been updated! Changelog: -Default grid size is now 6 (smallest) instead of 8 -Tile selector now wraps around the screen while using gamepad -F...
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Mac and Linux Executables Now Available!
After a bit of testing, you can now download CROSSNIQ standalone executables for Mac and Linux! Controller support works on both new platforms. Stay tuned in th...
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Systems Breakdown - Swipe Movement Controls
Even when they try, humans don't swipe in straight lines. It's true! You'll realize it after about 5 seconds of prototyping any sort of swipe-based control syst...
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New Feature/Optimization - Dynamic Field Sizing
Hi, all! Welcome to the first serious devlog post for CROSSNIQ! I'll try to post ~weekly as I add in new optimizations, features, or gameplay mechanics, explain...
Welcome to CROSSNIQ!
Hi, everyone! This is Max, writing my very first sort of "hello world" post for this thing. This is the very first time I've ever put a game on Itch, let alone...