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Let's Cross!

The August Alpha test is currently underway! Play the game in your browser here!

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CROSSNIQ is a new tile-sliding puzzle game to be played with your mouse or your fingers! The goal of the game is to create a "cross" of same-colored tiles to clear them from the screen, which gives you points and refills your time meter. Keep on swiping and race against the clock!

What's a cross?

Simple! A cross is an intersection between a row and column of tiles that are the same color. You build crosses by swiping tiles horizontally or vertically.

How do I slide tiles?

Easy! You click/touch the tile you want and drag it. All of its friends in the same row/column will move along with it, and will come back around the other side of the screen if they go off.

Can I lose?

Yeah, if you run out of time. To keep the time bar full, keep making crosses! Careful, it'll get fast and faster.

Sweet, when can I play?

CROSSNIQ is in development right now. Currently, there's no alpha or early builds available for play. However, expect that to change soon! Watch the devlog here for further updates.


August 4 Alpha 1.1.zip (10 MB)

Development log